Top 5 birthday gifts for anyone

You can get a variety of items for gifting anyone. There are many types of birthday gifts that you may like to opt for. Shot glass set can also be a great birthday gift. They can be availed from any store online or offline

Gifting someone for their birthday can prove to be really difficult if you have no idea of what they might like. On one hand, you could take the easy route and gift them something hand-crafted, like Love Spoons from Angel Woodcraft Ltd.

On the other hand, if it is your friends, family, or your fiancée, it can be quite important to take their likes and dislikes into consideration while choosing a birthday gift. Especially, if you are scouring for 21st birthday gift ideas. Here are some ideas of birthday gifts that are universally appealing to all. You can browse these and easily get any of these gifts for the person you wish to gift.


If the person a book worm? Books can be really beautiful birthday gift option for someone who loves to read. There are so many different options to choose from as well. Only one little precaution to be taken care of is that the person you are gifting does not already own the book you have decided to gift him or her. Also do make sure you know the type of stories and books they like reading for ensuring your gift is worthwhile.


A perfect gift for most guys and even some girls would be variety of gadgets. There are many types of pendrives, ipods, tablets and cool gadgets which are handy and at the same time would fit within a certain budget too. a multi tasking gadget can also be a great choice for someone who takes interest in gadgets. However one should have a thorough understanding of gadgets while they are shopping for them. You would not want to gift something cheap and tacky to someone on their birthday.

Shot glasses

The person who enjoys booze at home would be indeed very pleased with a gift of shot glass sets. There are many types of shot glasses available today and you can easily choose a designer shot glass set for your love ones. A unique design for shot glasses would surely catch the fancy of the person whom you are going to gift the item. There are shot glasses like bullet cases, skulls, mason jars and many more things to choose from. Get the cool shot glasses from the online stress easily.

Miniature mason jar shot glasses

The miniature mason jar shot glasses are cute and looks perfect for a gift and particularly suitable for a woman who enjoys and loves are shots. The miniature mason jars also have lids which make storing the shot easier. They come in sets of 3 or more and they are very budget friendly too. one can easily shop for these shot glasses online as well as offline as per their needs. This kind of shot glasses are very durable too and are exactly like the mason jars except that they are much smaller in size.

Things they might want

Figure out what they really need and whether it is something that you can give as a gift and do so. This can be time consuming since you have to coax and pry them for the information but is totally worth the trouble.

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