Using Leverage to Generate Money From (Almost) Everything You Do

I squeezed in “almost” in parentheses into the title because the idea is not to live out the rest of entire your life second guessing your every financial decision in an attempt to try and make money out of all which you do, but rather just to build up some leverage using leverage tools which are essentially available to all of us, except they’re so well hidden in plain view. And I’m not exclusively talking about leverage as it’s referred to in the formal finical sector because that’s just a different kind of leverage.

Shining a light on the financial sector just for a bit though, when the brokers, bankers and other players in that world refer to leverage what they’re talking about are financial instruments such as geared trades, where you can essentially borrow money from the brokerage firm or from other fellow traders using the platform to trade with more money than the capital you’ve put up. This is often seen in Contracts for Differences (CFDs) as well as in forex trading.

The institutions themselves which are at the heart of the financial sector take gearing to the next level however, with their leverage mostly coming in the form of being able to create money and add it to their balance sheets based on deposits. They can then loan that money out and charge interest on it, so for instance if a bank is leveraged by a factor of twelve, that means for every $1,000 someone deposits into their account, the bank can essentially loan out $12,000 in money they effectively “created” out of nothing and then charge interest on it.

When we speak about using leverage in your life to generate money out of almost everything you do though, we’re not quite talking about the exact same thing. Leverage in this instance is simply all the information you collect about every aspect of your life and then creating an intelligence bank of sorts. You create a knowledge base and then proceed to try and profit from that knowledge through something like perhaps creating a website or a blog that shares that information and presents it in a unique way that has the potential to draw in interested eyeballs.

Perhaps the most obvious manner in which you’d then endeavour to have that information generating you some money would be through soliciting advertisers who would be targeting your readership or your audience with their products and services for sale. I’ll run through a quick example to demonstrate what I really mean by saying that you truly can profit from just about anything and everything you do in your life, even if you like to take a chance with online slots for instance.

Many other people have the same interests and if you do indeed like to play online slots and you’ve perhaps had some luck, you could write about your Cloud Quest Slot (review) experience for example and try to get casino related advertisers to sponsor your information by placing ads in your review.

This principle can be applied to many areas of one’s life as there is literally a market for everything out there.

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