Valley of the Gods Online Review

If you want to play a slot that is different from any other you have played till date then Valley of the God Slots is perfect for you. This game is different from all other slot games as it takes you on the journey to a mysterious Egyptian temple where you gain multipliers, jackpots as well as extra lives.

The slot games

Valley of the Gods takes you all the way to Egypt, on the gates of a mysterious building. This game is developed by Yggdrasil which is known for its beautiful and unique slot games. You can play this great slot game for real money as well. The good news is that it has 3125 ways to win. The game will keep you hooked and help you win big slowly but surely.


The mythological slot game is based on Egypt’s ancient myths. So, if you love either of the game types, this is the slot for you. The graphics of the game are cooler than anything you have seen till date. The big guards of the building, the golden tiles, and the overall desert background transports to you real Egypt in a fraction of a second. The game developer has ensured that it looks mysterious and brings the grandeur of the country’s old pyramids right into the game.

The game has 5 reels and 45 pay lines. This gives it a high probability of winning. Note that the least amount of bet you can make here is 1 euro, which is higher than many slot games online. It pays out from left to right and only the highest winner gets paid in each case. Like other slot games, here too, you need at least 3 symbols consecutively to win.

The symbols in the game are actually derived from ancient hieroglyphs. There are four primary symbols- Horus, Anubis, Bastet, and Tutankhamun. Out of these, Horus and Anubis provide you the highest payouts. There are scarabs’ collections in the game which turn gold when won. Note that if you win continuously, you will not only get re-spins but will also get a chance to unlock 3125 ways to win.


  • Win multiplier- the win multiplier in this game starts at 2x. However, if you keep winning continuously, you will not only get free respins but will also increase the multiplier. Consecutive wins will also lead you to win 500x of your bet.
  • Scarab’s collection- one of the most unique features of this game is a scarabs collection. Once you win a golden scarab, it becomes either red or blue and gets collected. For every 5 red scarabs you win, you will get 1 extra life. Usually, a scarab gets you an extra life as well as a 2x multiplier.


Valley of Gods is a visually stunning slot game that provides you many ways to win. There are cool multipliers supplied with awesome visual effects that will double your happiness on winning. Overall, it is an amazing game and you must try it at least once.

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