Why Some of the Wealthiest People Choose to Remain Anonymous

Make no mistake about it — it’s much better to have a few millions to your name than it is to live from paycheque to paycheque, often falling short in your finances and not really being able to do all the things you want to do and even some of those things you need to do. So if you’ve accumulated your wealth ethically and you are able to sleep at night with your millions in the bank, it’s definitely much better to be rich than not.

Be that as it may though, many people endeavour to accumulate wealth for the wrong reasons, which is why you get scenarios where even those people who aren’t really wealthy pretend to be by flashing whatever little luxuries they can sometimes get away with breaking the bank to acquire. It’s perhaps just a symptom of one of the constructs of our society and it’s rather worrying to say the least, however, truly wealthy people don’t feel the need to flash the cash every chance they can get. Truly wealthy people prefer and choose to remain anonymous and they do so for a number of reasons.

Peace of Mind

Whether the wealth was accumulated through sheer hard work, sacrifice, determination and willpower or indeed if it was acquired through a stroke of luck, like perhaps selecting the winning powerball numbers, one of biggest reasons behind seriously wealthy people choosing to stay anonymous is just a desire to have some peace in their lives. Family members are notorious for wanting to take advantage of the financial status of one or more of the wealthier members of the family and in the case of having suddenly acquired that wealth through something like winning the lottery, this applies even more so. That distant uncle you never ever got along with suddenly has a million and one problems which they clearly point out is your duty to try and help them get through, especially those which are financial in nature — and which earthly problem really isn’t financial in nature, in one way or another?

So for the most part, it is indeed peace of mind as the main reason why a lot of really wealthy people try to remain anonymous.

There is Power in Anonymity

For those whose wealth was incrementally built up through their business or entrepreneurial ventures, a lot of the time the anonymity they enjoy is what gives them the power to continue building that wealth up. It certainly doesn’t help if everybody knows how you make your millions because then everybody will either try to replicate what you do and potentially saturate the market, or some devious and jealous people will try to stop it just for the sake of it.

For those who came into their wealth through something like winning a big prize money, they perhaps don’t want their lives to change too much — they don’t want the money to change them in any way, so they strive to continue leading their life as close to what is was prior to their winnings as possible.

So even if you religiously follow publications such as the Forbes Rich List, keep in mind that there are plenty more insanely wealthy people who choose not to parade their wealth in public.

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