Which Home Improvements Add the Most to Your Home’s Sale Price?

When it comes to selling a house, everyone wants to get the best deal. With the added costs of agents, tax and moving, it makes sense to get the best possible price for your property to make the added expenses seem less daunting.

Sounds good, but it’s easier said than done. So how do you add value to your home? Here are our four home improvements guaranteed to bump up the value of your property.

Loft Conversion

Often cited as adding up to 10% onto the value of your home, making extra space in the loft could be just the thing that not only sells your house, but makes it worth a lot more money.

The extra bedroom itself adds the value, but the space created is of incalculable importance to buyers. Whether they need the bedroom or not, a loft conversion is a great space for offices, gyms, movie rooms or simply extra storage space. Loft conversions are very popular nowadays, and leading experts www.cannonsteelsltd.co.uk have seen a huge increase in demand, so check them out for more information about getting your loft converted.

Extra Bathroom

The demand for en-suites doesn’t seem to be waning. Buyers are increasingly requesting bedrooms with adjoining bathrooms, or one bath for every one bed in the house. They come in useful for guest rooms, older children and lodgers, as they give everyone that bit of extra privacy. They are fun to design, too.

New Kitchen

A kitchen is a deal breaker. If yours is brand new and shining, you’ll have the buyers competing with one another after the first viewing. It saves them the time, effort and money of sorting out their own new kitchen, and has proven to be a real deal-clincher in the past. Take extra time deciding over lighting and worktops, as well as ensuring plug space for all modern kitchen appliances. Additionally, ensuring you have air conditioning installed within your kitchen will add value to a property. Air conditioning, perhaps sought from tsshomecomfort.com/ac-services-in-star/, gives a kitchen a modern feel and allows the home owner to adjust the temperature of the room while cooking – this is very attractive to kitchen lovers. Coffee machines are also a big house seller.

Garage Conversion

The market is seeing a rise in requests for self-contained units as independent living spaces for grown-up children and older parents. If you have somewhere else to keep the cars in winter, why not consider converting your garage into another bedroom, so to widen your target market and increase the price of your home. If a new bedroom isn’t required, why not smarten your garage up anyway, to give the viewers a better impression and the possibility of more storage space.

If you don’t have the budget for the above, some simple painting, decorating and tidying up of bits and bobs can make a better impression. Try to see your house through the eyes of another, or ask a friend to come round and find fault with whatever they can. It’ll certainly pay off in the long run! But if you are really serious about gaining those margins when it comes to house prices, choose any of the above suggestions to help you get the price your house deserves.

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