Which promotional items are most effective?

It’s the holidays and everyone is buying gifts. You’ve stocked your shelves hoping Christmas shoppers will be wanting to buy your products. Give back with promotional gifts and you’ll be rewarded for your charity with holiday revenue.

In an age of digital media and online marketing campaigns, simple, solid, promotional gifts are just as popular as they ever were. People love snatching a pen or grabbing a free stress ball. The trick is to not let your promo end up at the bottom of a desk drawer or worse yet, in the bin.

Promotional items can include anything from a USB marked with your logo to a T-shirt advertising your company’s services. Hand them out at conferences, expos, during meeting or simply leave them for people at the reception desk.

If you’re considering what swag will have people talking about your brand, this article is here to recommend a few items.


Wearable swag is great for two big reasons. Everyone likes to have an extra shirt, and your brand is getting mobile advertising. Be warned though, if your shirt looks like a spare pyjama that is exactly how it will be used. Hire a designer to create something unique, something hip – something you think your target audience is going to WANT to wear in public.

Stress Balls

You’re attending a conference on project management. Most people you see around you will have been stressed trying to meet deadlines and targets. Having something to hold on to and squeeze is a surprisingly effective stress relief. To set your company aside from the crowd attend a number of conferences on a similar themes first, and here what people are talking about. Design a unique stress ball that will start conversations, or at the least have people laughing.


Everyone grabs them, but most of them won’t grab their attention. Don’t let your promo pen get lost at the bottom of a messy desk drawer! A little effort can go a long way. You don’t have to spend a fortune either to create something that’s attention grabbing. Again, listen to people and create a product that’s going to be someone’s go-to note taker. Someone else in the office is bound to ask where they got theirs.

You’ve got swag. Make sure you show off, share the love and spread the word. This year’s holiday buzz could be your brand.

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