Why do businesses need a solicitor?

Most of us need expert legal help in our lives and a solicitor can come in useful for many aspects of your business. But there are a range of different types of law and solicitors who specialise in certain areas, so it’s essential in finding the right one to meet your particular needs. Having a solicitor from a firm like JMR Solicitors can come in useful for many aspects of your business. Regardless of the nature of your company, industry or sector, when it comes to establishing a start-up, you will come across legal issues.

There is a wealth of business law information on the internet and it will help you with the knowledge and information in regards to your contacts. For example, solicitors can be useful when there are trademark services and whether you need to register your trademark.

When to use one

So, if you’re in doubt about a particular issue, it is always best to seek professional advice – the amount you will pay for advice at an early stage can be substantially lower than paying for problems that will arise in a later date. You can have an in-house legal team, or choose to take the help of professionals similar to Alex Gotch, the Director at Beacon Legal, and find the best legal experts for your business. Whatever the scenario, solicitors will help in areas such as company formation, contracts, or advice on employee disputes. Make sure you are aware of what laws affect your industry and whether you need specialist advice; you’ll find that certain cases require a considered approach, so by fully understanding the industry you are in, you can then get a firm grip on the situation that needs sorting out.

Without having a good understanding on the laws associated to your business, you could find that if a problem occurred which requires a solicitor, delaying this action may affect your own legal rights. That’s why it’s important in having a solicitor because they will calmly and objectively assess the issue and creates a logistical strategy which can formulate the situation on hand, thus ensuring you don’t get involved in any legal trouble.

How expensive are they?

Always ask upfront what the likely fees are going to be so you can assess if the solicitor will be in your budget. Most law firms such as family law solicitor Hertfordshire are commonly known to pay by the hour for the first time you spend on your case and if the case gradually gets longer the higher the fee will get. However, the law does require solicitors’ fee to be ‘fair and reasonable’ and always make sure you ask for a break down for your bill, so you know what you are spending on.

At the end of the day, it’s really important that you have a solicitor for your company because they will cover the areas you can’t or unable to work on, these areas consist of:

  • contracts
  • business organisations
  • Real Estate
  • Taxes and Licenses
  • Intellectual property

So as you can see if you want to cover you companies back and avoid getting yourself or your business into unnecessary trouble, your solicitor will be able to provide the legal support in regards to helping your business working in the right legal context.

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