Why going rural is great for your health

If you’re looking to move to somewhere a little greener, then 2022 could be your year. With many people moving to somewhere a little more rural in light of the pandemic, setting your sights on somewhere with a bit more open space could have lots of benefits for your mental and physical health. Rural areas are seeing sharp rises in house sales so if you’ve got your eye on one you may want to act fast and snap up your dream home.


Calmer with Less Stress


One of the best bits about moving to somewhere with a little more space is the sense that the pace of life is a lot slower. This can seem like an alien concept if you’re used to living in the thick of it amid London’s metropolis or you’re a creative young professional in your city apartment. But in an area that’s a little less populated and has less busy streets, roads and trains, the atmosphere can really make a difference. Not only will it allow you to stress less and embrace a more calming pace that won’t have you waiting for trains that are never on time or rushing through crowds of people on the underground or having to sit in traffic to go around the corner, you can also appreciate things more that you may not have noticed while rushing around. Shared ownership homes in Derbyshire are a great move for this slower pace of life and towns and villages home to family owned businesses and local boutiques, you can enjoy friendly conversation with cashiers rather than rushing in and out of everywhere and grabbing fast food on the go.


Better work/life balance


One of the best parts about moving somewhere rural is the difference in work life balance. Many people who live in the city spend a lot of time in the office or working late, doing extra work and not having a lot of time for family. In more rural areas you can separate yourself from the work life you may have in the city and come home to a calmer more countryside location to forget about the busy working day. Not constantly being surrounded by the noise of the city and the gleaming lights will have a better impact on your sleep and routine so you can focus on things you enjoy rather than always feeling on edge with the constant stimulation of the city at your window. With less distractions you can learn to truly relax and be present with your family. Shared ownership in Surrey is a great way to get on the property ladder where the city is well within reach but you are safely surrounded by the serenity of the Kent countryside.


Exercise and Physical Health


While there are plenty of benefits to having a more laid back attitude to life that comes with moving to the countryside, your physical health can also be improved. With much cleaner air than that of busy city centres and better quality food from local farmer’s markets and real produce, your insides will thank you for a move to something like shared ownership homes in Cheshire. It also means you are more likely to go for walks and enjoy the outdoors if it’s a place of natural beauty rather than something more concrete based. Moving your body more and spending time together as a family is always going to have health benefits and with a move somewhere rural you know that’ll be on offer.


So whether you’re looking for shared ownership homes in Bedfordshire or an apartment in Maidstone, the move to the countryside could be just what you need in 2022.