3 Surprising Ways That Card Games Can Make You Smarter

There are countless ways of making yourself smarter, from regular exercise to daydreaming. Card games are fun, interactive, and a great way to make new friends, but they’re also an ideal way to make you smarter. From enhancing your logical thinking to improving your memory, this is how to boost your brain power by playing cards.

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Enhances your logical thinking

Logical thinking is important is many of the most intellectually demanding professions – financial analysts need it to make reasoned predictions about the stock market, while doctors need it to determine what ailments their patients have. Logical thinking is also something you can enhance by playing board and card games (that are easily available on the web).

Blackjack is a great example of a card game that requires logical thinking. While there’s a lot of chance involved in the game, you need to use logic to when deciding whether to hit or stand. If you really want to improve your logical thinking then spend some time learning the basic blackjack strategy. This strategy embeds logical thinking into your gameplan, making it part of your mind’s muscle memory.

Teaches you the value of odds

Investment banking and stock broking are among the most profitable roles on the planet, offering you the chance to make millions – billions if you’re a legend in your field. They’re jobs that simply cannot be done without a range of smarts, but the most important one is understanding odds – a quality that helps you to make the right decisions, and one that you can enhance through card games.

While odds are in countless card games, I’ll use the most popular for my example – poker. Odds is an ever-present in poker – whether it’s deciding the odds of your hand winning, or if the pot odds have made it worth you calling a bet, you can’t get away from it. However, the most important way that you can use poker to understand the value of odds is in your outs. By mastering outs you’ll know when to raise, call, or fold and in doing so you’ll make better decisions.

Improves your memory

Is a good memory a quality that smart people possess? You bet. Without a good memory you won’t be able to learn new things (as they’ll be lost to your inability to retain information), which means you’ll have less knowledge than people who remember things – and what’s that old adage about knowledge? While there are many ways to improve your memory levels, few are more fun than doing it by playing cards.

Blackjack is the perfect game for improving your memory levels because it really pays you to do so. How? By learning card counting. How it works is that you establish how many high and low value cards are still in the deck. Doing this helps to increase the odds in your favour, so that you can decide what action to take.

Memory is crucial to card counting because you need to remember which cards have been played and which haven’t. So practice your card counting in blackjack and you’ll have the knowledge of what action to take, giving you the power to make more money.

Card games are full of ways to make you smarter and while I’ve covered three key examples in this article there are plenty of others you should consider – for instance, learning how to bluff in poker sharpens your powers of persuasion, while playing solitaire boosts your concentration levels. So next time you want to give your brain some exercise, try out poker, blackjack, solitaire, or another great card game! 2022-01-19 14:20:56