Online Gambling as a HRHY Investment Budget Segment

If it’s not something you’re quite up to speed with as yet, HRHY stands for High(er) Risk High(er) Yield and in terms of it making for an investment budget allocation area, it’s simply a matter of how one is encouraged to manage their personal finances. I won’t get into the whole investment budget segmentation in detail, but basically as per the handling of your finances, part of your income should be allocated to those investments which have the potential to bring in higher returns.

This makes for a very small percentage of your investment budget allocation and an even smaller percentage of your overall income, so it’s all about giving yourself that slight chance of amassing huge returns within a short space in time.

So since this little bit of your budget is to be allocated to HRHY channels such as gambling, how can you make sure to increase your chances of actually making returns, especially considering the justifiably slim odds associated with these channels such as online trading and online gambling?

Basically there are two routes to take…

Joining betting clubs and investing in managed trading funds

Online trading of CFDs, commodities, stocks and other securities is mentioned alongside online betting through online slots, sports betting, etc, simply because these are pretty much one in the same. As much as trading is made to appear as if it’s all about gaining the upper-hand through mastering some kind of strategy and acquiring knowledge, the same can perhaps be said about online gambling, The only real difference is that with betting online versus trading you enjoy a whole lot more freedom to choose what to “bet” on and I refer to betting in inverted commas because even if you’re trading, taking a position and putting money on it still ultimately constitutes placing a bet.

So whether you choose to go the trading versus gambling route, increasing your chances of your bets paying off is something you can do by joining betting clubs or joining managed trading funds. If you want to maintain full independence however, with regards to trading you can join social trading platforms and just copy the best strategies, while with online betting the equivalent of that would be settling for lower odds that come with fewer permutations covered, but perhaps copying the bets of the pundits who are usually featured as experts whose “expert picks” are published as recommendations.

Making use of signup bonuses

Platforms such as Gonzo Bonus feature an extensive list of online betting platforms which offer bonuses and special offers, which can be used to effectively increase the credit with which you can place your bets. So if for instance there’s a deposit bonus of 100%, that effectively means you’re doubling the amount of money allocated to your betting exploits as part of your HRHY investment budget segment, which effectively doubles your initial odds of winning.

The same applies to trading platforms which list bonuses that can be obtained via trading platforms.