The Best Opportunities Are Those You Create Yourself

It’s been centuries now since we’ve been born into a system which places heavy emphasis on earning money to make a living, so much so that it’s all the way unthinkable in the minds of most people for there to be any other way of existence. I’m not even talking about going to extremes here, like proper living off the grid and living off the land as a subsistence farmer or something like that. The mere thought of someone deviating from what society deems to be the norm does way more than raise a few eyebrows. If you want to start your own business for instance, chances are the majority of the people in your circle of friends and family just won’t understand.

Worse yet if you want to go into full entrepreneurial mode, not necessarily operating a formal business in the traditional sense, but just chasing rare and unique opportunities to generate your income. But that’s exactly what it takes to benefit fully from those opportunities which just seem to be out of the field-of-view of the average person. I mean who creates employment opportunities — who creates the jobs to which everybody goes every day? It’s people like you, isn’t it? It’s people who have the bravery to challenge the status quo and take the initiative to seek a better way of doing things.

You’ll find yourself feeling lonely while on the grind for some extended periods of time simply because nobody seems to understand why you chose the path you chose. You’ll be lucky to perhaps find like-minded people, perhaps even a like-minded life partner, but don’t count on it until you begin to show signs of your chosen path bearing fruit.

All of that said, anybody can wake up one day and decide to go into business or “become an entrepreneur,” but it takes a whole lot more than a mere decision to make it work. The reason why it is indeed so difficult (or challenging rather) to build up good income streams which are not considered to be “conventional” is that the best opportunities aren’t really those which you can just Google and implement. The best opportunities to build wealth or get ahead in any other way are those which you craft yourself. Yes, all of the tools you need are indeed hidden in plain view, but it takes a special eye to be able to spot them and a special kind of drive and desire to be able to implement something around those opportunities with the aim of yielding a profit.

We’ll take a simple example into account. Logbook loans are pretty much available to anyone with ownership of a vehicle, primarily aimed at people who seek some cash in hand fast for whatever reason. It takes a thinking entrepreneurial mind to revisit something like a logbook loan later on when they’re not in a sticky financial situation, this time perhaps with the intention of creating an opportunity out of what seems like it doesn’t have too much to offer. The true power of a logbook loan, i.e. borrowing money against your vehicle, resides in the fact that you can still drive your vehicle while you’re paying off the loan.

The opportunities thereof and many other similar ones don’t come in the form of something you can merely search online, as is, or read in some business or entrepreneurship e-book guide. You have to make the connections yourself.

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