Earn more money by employing staff to manage your home

Anyone self-employed will know that time means money. Dedicating the days to building a successful business is crucial at any time, especially when first launching a venture or when unveiling new products or services.

Home life can be equally busy with children to care for and a home to keep clean and organised and if you’re trying to feed the children and wash the clothes then it’s impossible to also work on a marketing strategy, update web pages and enhance business network contacts.

The solution is to hire an au pair and a housekeeper. Whilst this may feel as if it’s earning money to instantly pay to someone else, the reality is that it’s freeing up your day to concentrate on your entrepreneurial dream and you don’t have to juggle working in a home office with keeping on top of the housework.


The help of a housekeeper

Housekeepers in London have either live in or live out positions. Depending on the needs of the family, an experienced housekeeper can be invited to join the household and live with them or can visit on specified days for a particular number of hours each week.

A housekeeper can keep the home clean, tidy and well-managed. They don’t only ensure that everywhere is fresh and sparkling, but they can also be asked to cook some or all of the family meals, shop for food, and handle aspects of the family budgetary administration. They would also be aware of the state of your house at all times, which means they would know when to schedule inspections from a plumber, electrical, or even experts similar to the ones from a phoenix pest control service. Sometimes, they can even become personal assistants with the allocation of tasks such as looking after business and social calendar arrangements.

Housekeepers are experienced, knowledgeable, and have discretion. Flexibility is one of the main character traits of the most sought-after in the industry and they are a boon to anyone who avails of their services.

No more childcare nightmares with an au pair

The school run, ensuring uniforms are washed and cleaned and having meals prepared are the tip of the iceberg of being a parent. When managing a business though they can become major challenges and the amount of quality time available quickly diminishes.

When you hire an au pair from Go Au Pair (https://www.goaupair.com/host-families/view-au-pairs/), the individual can swiftly remove the burden of trying to be in two places at the same time and provide excellent care for them to enable concentration on business matters.


Qualified to offer safety for your son or daughter, they can also be employed in a similar way to a housekeeper; live in or live out.

With an au pair comes peace of mind that there is someone in the house with them at all times and it means that when work is finished for the day, the time with them is filled with fun and games and there’s the opportunity to find out everything about their time at school or friends rather than having to rush off to a conference or board meeting.

Whilst a housekeeper and an au pair are the most popular roles in a busy household, other options include a London chauffeur or even butler for large families with extensive accommodation.

Whichever job fits the needs means that business deals can be smoothly completed, sales leads can be followed up and important meetings attended without worrying that the house is in disarray and the children need to be picked up from their after school clubs.

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