What music can make you more productive during the day?

Music – what a wonderful thing! It allows us to express our feelings in ways we could never do with mere words. It makes us laugh and smile, or sometimes weep and cry. It talks directly to our souls, without the need of expressions and grammar. It is an integral part of our lives – as it should, as life without it would be worthless. Or, as the famous Greek philosopher Plato has put it, “Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything”.

Music has a huge impact on how we live our lives – and science is there to prove it. A recent study conducted by Mindlab International, a marketing research company in the UK, there are four musical genres that increases the productivity of workers during the day: classical, pop, ambient and dance.

What about blues, you might ask? Well, according to science, blues is the best music for relaxation, massage, yoga and overall to get your mind off work.


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While taking your mind off your daily chores, music lifts you up and puts you in a state of joy and peace, or gives you some extra energy to focus better on the game you play in the evening. People can listen to it in headphones or through a speaker, but both methods can be damaging to the eardrums, so being sensible is a good idea. Many people who ended up having problems have listened to music too loud too often. Although there are many hearing aids on sites like this one https://www.earpros.com/hearing-aid-brands/starkey-hearing-aids/livio for example, preventing something like this from happening to you is best, especially when the damage is permanent. But let’s get back to the positives, that’s what we’re here for, isn’t it!

So we have established that there are many positives to listening to music, and now here is how listening to music influences your performance at work.

1. Data entry and working to deadlines

According to MindLab’s study, pop music improves the performance of those working in data entry jobs. Besides, it helps with spell checking, increases the speed of workers in general, plus it helps cut the number of mistakes by up to 15%.

Businesswoman eating burger at desk

2. Math skills

The study found that the best musical choice for solving equations was ambient. This genre has led to the highest level of accuracy when performing tasks that involved this kind of mathematical activity.

3. Problem solving

The problem solving skills of participants listening to dance music was improved during the study, as well as their proof-reading, accuracy and speed. This genre has also increased their accuracy when spell-checking and solving mathematical puzzles, and helped them complete abstract reasoning tasks more quickly.

4. Attention to detail

The study has shown that listening to classical music has improved the workers’ attention to detail, and math skills. Compared to not listening to music at all, the accuracy of the test subject has increased by 14%, and their speed and accuracy in spell checking has also improved a lot.

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