Getting Older? It May be Time to Make Some Important Decisions

Ten years ago, 20-year-old me would have met the term ‘life insurance’ with either a baleful glare or a full-throated laugh. That would’ve depended on whether I was at the end of that week’s paycheck – nutritional intake limited to microwave ramen and instant coffee – or if I had just received my salary, in which case I could be found smoking the finest imitation cigars and downing the best fake scotch I could acquire with my post-college grad budget. Presumably while dollar bills rained down from the heavens like manna. Long story short, I spent the vast majority of my 20s in a haze of self-delusion. I denied the possibility of sickness, the probability of bad luck, the sheer inevitable responsibility looming just around the corner. I was invincible! Or so I thought I was.


A decade later, I would like nothing more than to sit 20-year-old me down for a serious dose of reality. Or better yet, whack him again and again with a rolled-up newspaper till he gets the point! I’m married to a beautiful woman and blessed with two children, another one on the way. I earn a stable income with my job and currently am handling most of my finances well. But thoughts on my mortality, uninvited and certainly unwelcome, have made me spend the majority of my free time on the ‘What ifs?’ My favorite is that one lingering question I believe all fathers get: What would happen to the rest of my family once I’m gone? At the not-so-invincible age of thirty-two, life insurance is looking to be something I’d be looking into sooner rather than later.

The lack of formal financial education coupled with growing up in a happy-go-lucky household had unfortunately cursed my brain with a yawning hole where financial know-how should exist Short-term budgeting and burning the midnight oil at the office was literally the only way I knew how to earn and keep any material amount of money. The first step of even looking around for a suitable life insurance policy seemed all the more insurmountable because of that fact. . I’ve personally seen a few of my younger colleagues stare in shock when I started asking around about the best method to filter through the tons of financial mumbo jumbo in order to get the product that was just right for me and my family. After two months of fruitless searching, all seemed hopeless. And then I stumbled into this life insurance site.


My insurance headache disappeared overnight. This site has made the process of browsing and comparing available insurance policies both effortless and quick. I simply had to input my personal information and preferred products into the search bar. Just a couple of minutes in, I had the perfect pick. And the rest is, as you say, history. Granted, it isn’t the alpha and omega of my financial planning for my family. But it’s a darn good start to give me the peace of mind that my wife and soon-to-be three kids will never have to go through with added financial burden when and if I pass on. And isn’t that a legacy worth planning for?

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