Five Reasons Why Citibank Should be your Banking Option

“You’ve been scammed!”

When it comes to hard-earned money, nobody wants to hear this statement. That’s why wise people go to reliable banks. But how can banks prove they are reliable? Be in the banking business for more than 200 years! Just like Citibank. Well, aside from the number of years, Citibank was also involved in some breakthroughs in the banking industry.  One of the first few banks to use ATMs and they also started the very convenient All-Day All-night PC banking.

Citibank is the best banking option simply because they are reliable and innovative. To convince you even more, here are five other features of Citibank.

1. Excellent Approach to Wealth Management

To measure up with the financial ambitions of their clients, Citibank has set in motion exceptional wealth management options.  Citibank offers, Bonds, Equities, Structured products, Investment Products to name a few.  Getting the best option starts with a straightforward conversation with a Relationship Manager.  Before suggesting any products or devising a strategy, the Relationship Manager studies thoroughly the client needs. To make the business transaction a successful one and to get the best wealth option, total honesty is a must from the client. On the other hand, if clients prefer to self-manage their investments, they can use the Citi-Online and Citi Mobile Applications for easier access to their accounts.


2. Caters to International Lifestyle

Making money should not stop because the client is in another country.  Aside from their onshore products, Citibank also offers offshore wealth management products. These products are available in 200 cities around the world. And, to make transactions easier and more accessible, offshore products are available in different currencies.

3. Well-qualified Relationship Managers

When you are a luxurious global bank, clients expect one thing – fully trained financial experts! The Relationship Managers of Citibank are all professionals. The minimum requirement for aspiring Relationship Managers is an Investment Management Certificate and a Certificate for Financial Advisers. Ergo, clients will only deal with Relationship Managers who are well versed with the banking and investment system.


4. One Account, One Bank

Having different accounts in different countries is confusing if not frustrating. Imagine the number of passwords a client needs to memorize. What if the client is not good with the ‘memory game’?  Time wasted just to remember passwords. Good thing Citibank came up with a simple solution. With the Global View of Accounts service of Citibank, clients only need one password to access their overseas account.  It is simple, convenient and safe.

5. More Than Just A Bank

To make life more exciting for their clients, Citibank came up with privileges and benefits no one can resist. One single Visa Debit card, Travel insurance and Travel deals, like discounts, are just some benefits they are offering. Becoming participates in events like seminars are also offered.

There you have it, five other reasons why Citibank is your best banking option. When it comes to money matters, people only dream of one thing – to double (or triple) it! To make that dream come true, trust only the professionals. Don’t just be an investor, be a WISE investor!

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