How to Make the Perfect Home Office

Working from home should be a pleasure, but a poorly laid out office space can make it more of a chore. The good thing is there are now things like home office sheds to create a private space away from your home where you can work throughout the day, but some people find it hard to manage their space whilst they are working from home. Find out here how to get your office in ship shape so that it really works for you.

Tidy Desk, Tidy Mind

Is your desk completely covered with paperwork, dirty dishes and bric-a-brac? Then the New Year is the perfect time to have a tidy up. A chaotic desk can be stressful, so get organised and your mind will clear allowing you to focus more on work.

Office shelving systems can be bought online and are very affordable. Here you can store all your books and paperwork, any supplies you may have or even your printer when you’re not using it.

Pen pots are a great idea also. Placed on your desk these keep pens and pencils just an arms stretch away, while keeping them neatly tucked away.

Look on the Brightside


If possible position your desk near a window, this will allow you to look out at the garden as well as receive a great amount of natural light. Looking out at green space can help reinvigorate and destress us.

If positioning your desk near a window isn’t possible due to where your power points are, add a small water feature to the room, or maybe get some fish! Scattering the odd indoor plant around the room will also help. Natural light is a good thing, however, it won’t help if you have to spend a lot of time at your computer, so it is best to find a way on blocking that screen glare and blue light. Checking out companies like Felix Gray to see about their types of glasses can help you find the right pair so you are not straining or harming your eyes in any way as you work.

Give Yourself the Freedom to Move

In order to feel comfortable in a space and be productive you need to feel in control of your environment. So leave yourself options to move around or rearrange your home office space to suit you.

Rolling chairs are a great idea, and having more than one work surface gives you options. Multiple surfaces will also allow you to physically lay out tasks allowing you to switch between them as and when needed.


Make sure all wires are tucked away neatly and any walk ways are clear, this way you can roll around on your chair or walk without fear of tripping.

The most important thing to remember is you’re not chained to your desk. Sometimes it’s good to stand up and take a step away from what you’re doing to clear your mind and collect your thoughts. We’d recommend keeping the kettle in the kitchen, that way every time you need a hot drink you’ll get up and stretch your legs a little.

Peace, Quiet and Privacy

For an effective workspace, you need to be able to concentrate. This can be difficult at home when there are so many chores that need doing and so many other things you’d rather do than work. Family can often be the main distraction as you want to spend time with them but can’t.

A bigger issue can be when you work in the same room as your partner if you both work from home. It can be tempting to chat about evening and weekend plans, which is fine in moderation, but if left unchecked you’ll have wasted an hour chatting when you could have been working.

Try installing office dividers between your two desks – this way you won’t be able to see what each other are up to, and you’ll be less likely to chat. Office dividers can also be useful if you have kids as they will show them that there is a line between the family space and your workspace. You can tell them that they mustn’t come past the divide, but they can go anywhere else in the house. This way, they won’t come in whilst you’re working and start clinging to your chair.

Get Painting!

Did you know that the colour of your office walls can affect your mood and therefore how productive you are? Feng Shui states orange is a great colour as it will help you concentrate, promote organisational skills and keep you focused.

And the bolder the colour the more invigorating it is, so if you’re looking to get a lot of work done quickly go for the brightest shade possible.


Everyone’s ideas of the perfect home office are different, but follow these top tips and we’re sure you’ll be on your way to a much more efficient and calming working day.

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