How good are teeth whitening kits?

Having a white smile is something that everyone wants. White teeth can make you look more attractive and youthful and people are bound to respond better to you if you have a clean, healthy smile rather than a stained one. Obviously, the best option is to get your teeth professionally whitened by a dentist. However, for some people that’s not always an option. It’s an expensive treatment that takes quite some time to show results. So, most people opt for the whitening kits they can use at home, which tend to be a lot cheaper. The most common home whitening kits are either whitening strips or trays. These differ in price and effectiveness, of course, but are they worth it?

Whitening strips are the cheapest option of whitening treatment and the one that is most commonly used. Most of these kits consist of strips that are applied to the teeth and removed a certain amount of time. The some products have almost instant results while others need to be used regularly in order to work. One of the main problems with using whitening strips is that you can never really be sure of the quality until you use them. Some poor quality strips use chemicals that may damage your teeth and leave them in worse condition that they were initially. They wear down the enamel on your teeth every time you use them, which leaves your teeth more susceptible to stains in the future. If you’re looking for a cost effective way to whiten your teeth then these might not be the choice for you. Although whitening strips have some impressive results their effectiveness relies on regular use. You may need to spend an average of £50 a month for good quality kits and opting for the cheaper options wouldn’t be a wise choice when your oral health is at stake. These sorts of whitening kits are great for short term whitening but aren’t a sensible option for a permanent treatment.

Certain brands of tray whitening kits have similar problems to whitening strips. They work in a similar fashion – in that a formula is applied to the teeth and left for a certain period of time – and because of that some of the harmful chemicals found in strips can also be found in some of the tray whitening kits. Poor quality kits may wear down your teeth and make them more prone to staining, or they may even damage your gums. However, the positive thing about these kits is that good quality kits have results that last for an impressively long time. Certain kits include LED lights that work to make the whitening treatments more effective and need to be used far less frequently than strips for long lasting results. For a cost effective whitening treatment, trays are an option to seriously consider. Although the best kits may be a bit pricey, these are often the safest and most effective ones to use that will give you the results you want.

Ultimately, quality is the most important aspect of buying an effective whitening kit. If you opt for the cheaper option you may end up spending more than you had anticipated because you need to use them more frequently to get decent results. It’s better to buy one great whitening kit than ten bad ones. If you’re not sure which brands are the best, then look at Best Electric Toothbrush website to read product descriptions and reviews.

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