How Technology Can Enhance Manufacturing

We live in a culture that is dominated by technology and it is dramatically changing the way we work. However, in some ways, the way the business world using technology is actually behind what we are use to even in our personal lives.

This isn’t completely surprising. Major corporations have waves of customers and stockholders to consider before they make sweeping changes. Even if they feel it would make an improvement, even the slightest doubt can delay a decision. This is what makes owning a SMB so exciting. Fewer chefs in the kitchen make it much easier to agree on a final decision. Here’s just some of the ways technology can benefit businesses at the core of the manufacturing process.

Management Software

Perhaps the biggest issue all manufacturers face is inventory management. This is why so many companies work alongside Enterprise Resource Planning with companies such as STYE and many more (click here to learn more about SYTE). These companies help to give manufacturing businesses the best solutions when it comes to running their business, in order to get the most out of the company. Streamlining this department can have significant effects on a company’s efficiency. Using specialized management software can help you streamline and organise this process with easy access to order management, asset tracking, and product identification.


By analyzing where products are stocked, which suppliers they come from, and the length of time they are stored, management software gives companies the information they need maximize the use of their warehouse space. Automating these tasks results in not only a speedier process, but also one that will result in significant savings.

Modern Equipment

The real heart of the manufacturing process lies in your company’s machinery. Your output is directly determined by the efficiency of this equipment so this should be one of your first ports of call when revamping your business. Staying up-to-date with the latest technology that modern equipment provides will have dramatic results on your company’s productivity. Biesse stock a wide selection of technological solutions suitable for a variety of different industries, from those working with wood, glass, stone, metal, or composite materials.

Studies also show that electric motors count for around two-thirds of all energy consumed in industrial settings. In the United Kingdom, this results in the industrial sector accounting for a quarter of the country’s total CO2 emissions. By replacing them with more energy efficient solutions, you could see drastic drop in your energy bills.

Also having the latest safety technology can cost you a fortune in insurance pay-outs. Replace out of date barriers with modern industrial strength pedestrian barriers and keep your workforce safe and happy.


Communication Solutions

Last, but not least, is implementing modern communication methods into the manufacturing stage. A breakdown in communication can result in missed orders, material lost, and issues with quality control. This is why one of the major improvements that can be made in streamlining this process lies in shortening the response time that it takes to reach each member of the team. While implementing a system for rapid communication with suppliers and customers was previously very difficult in the past, modern software applications now make this a much more attainable goal.

While much of the future is unpredictable, one thing that’s for certain is that technology will continue to play a major role. By implementing the latest solutions into the core of the manufacturing process, you can be sure that you’re future-proofing your business for the better.

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