Should I Sell My Phone and Upgrade?

Technology has definitely outdone itself. Just a very few years ago, the “coolest” phone out there had a short antenna, had either green or gray background colours and was as bulky as some wireless land line phones we have today. In order to connect to the internet, we had to sit through an entire minute of what sounded like R2D2 struggling on the loo.

However, as nostalgic as these memories are, we eventually have to move forward. This just means that you will inevitably have to replace your favorite phone, even though it is currently working just fine for your current needs.

Why, then? If I just needed to call and text people, why should I sell my phone and buy a new one?

The rest of the world is doing it. I am not implying following the bandwagon mentality, nor feeling insecure just because you are the odd one out. As a professional, I cannot remain stagnant for any period of time. I can’t get stuck on one thing, anything, because if the rest of the world is moving forward but me, then that simply means that I am being left behind. Here are a few questions to ask yourself in case you are still reluctant:


  1. Will my job require constant communication between me, my colleagues and my clients?
  1. With my current phone, will my means of communication be reliable? Will it make use of networks properly? Will it suddenly shut off in the middle of an important conversation?
  1. Are there features that would be useful to me, but are not supported by my cellphone model? Would they have helped me complete my tasks more efficiently?

The business world does not wait for anyone, and, just like technology, it continuously evolves. We are being expected to do more and more things that we would not otherwise be able to do without the use of modern technology, or at least would take us a lot longer.


Production managers taking photos of the current status of the project and emailing them to management, architects creating basic CAD prints on the tablet, salespeople showcasing their products with pictures saved on their phones- you get the idea.

At the end of the day, it is not practical to buy a brand new device just because it’s new. However, it is also impractical to keep a device that we cannot get the most out of. As we upgrade our lifestyles as we grow older and climb higher, we upgrade our devices to keep up.

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