How to find a Nursing Job in the UK

The issue of recruitment in the NHS is always controversial, primarily because of the nature of the work and the way in which individuals are employed. As nursing is considered as something as a vocation, many believe that recruiters should employ subtle techniques and only welcome individuals with a passion for the cause.

This was reflected recently by a debate between nursing leaders in Spain, Portugal and Italy, who claim that aggressive recruitment strategies are being used to ‘fool’ people into pursuing careers with the NHS. More specifically, higher salaries and improved benefits are tempting graduates to move abroad and work with the NHS, making money a primary motivator ahead of anything else.


How to find Nursing work in the UK

In truth, those who understand the vocational nature of nursing should already be actively seeking work in the UK. With this in mind, here are three steps towards achieving this: –

Choose a Nursing Sector to Target

Ultimately, you must start by selecting a specific area of nursing to work in. This offers you the best chance of enjoying a successful career, as it helps you to identify a niche sector that suits your experience, qualifications, and enduring skill-set. For multi-skilled nurses who are proficient in the CNA Classes and other extra classes they took, there is also an opportunity to identify where you can best add value, which can also help to drive career satisfaction. Once you have achieved this, you can begin to target specific jobs throughout the UK.

Narrow down your Geographical Choice

The first consideration will help you to narrow down your choice of jobs, but it is important to refine this further by identifying viable positions of employment. The next step is therefore to consider geographical restrictions, as you look to review positions of employment that are easily accessible. There are multiple sites that can help you to achieve this, with the best resources enabling you to filter jobs based on region in addition to salary, description and working hours.


Hone your Resume

With a number of potential jobs highlighted, the next step is to ensure that your CV and each application are developed to the best possible level. So you may want to hire professional resume writers like ARC Resumes as well as others to go over what you have and make it more appealing to prospective employers. Not only should your CV be regularly updated and include all of your experience, but you should also take the time to refine the description of each job in a way that best advocates your skills. This will help you to appeal to a wider range of recruiters, and ensure that you emerge as a viable candidate for specific roles.

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