Online gaming offers excitement

by  jeff_golden 

Online gambling has boomed in the last decade or two, with all kinds of possibilities available to anyone who has an internet connection. But how can you maximise the fun with online gaming and gambling? Here are just a few ideas.

Who knows where a spin of the dice could take you?

You can dream…

Rather like buying a lottery ticket more in hope than expectation – online gaming and gambling can let you dream big for small stakes – and this is always half the fun.

There are never any kind of guarantees, of course, that a gamble – whether online or off – will bring you a favourable result, and that should always be forefront in your mind whenever you place a bet or play a real-money game.

But with so many different gaming sites such as bgo, Paddy Power and Winner in operation today, there are plenty of opportunities to play with free money – and you just may be able to roll up that free money into a bigger bankroll if you’re really lucky. Even games that you might not traditionally associate with gambling – such as bingo – can result in a profit for a lucky player. Sign up to play at and an initial deposit of £10 will give you access to a 400% bonus, so you’ll automatically have £50 to play with in your account. Already, you’ve won; even before you’ve played a game! With many bingo games costing only pennies to play, you’d only need a couple of wins to boost your gaming account and increase your profit margin. Add to this the fact that many bingo sites also give their depositing players access to free bingo games (with real cash prizes attached) and the win possibilities multiply.

If bingo’s not your thing, you could try the same approach with any of the casino gaming sites – they also offer great welcome bonuses for new players and the more accounts you have, the more free cash you’ll be entitled to.


You may be able to use your sports knowledge to give you an edge

Many sports fans will bet on the fixtures or matches they’re watching – and often, their in-depth knowledge of a team and its rivals will mean that they’re far better positioned to place savvy, value-based bets than an average punter who doesn’t know his or her subject matter. Just as with the online gaming sites, there are plenty of free bets available on the sports betting sites online, for new customers and for existing customers when there’s a big event on, such as the Tennis Open in the US, or at a critical point in the Formula 1 season or any international footballing tournament.

So, if there’s a sport that you follow closely, try making use of that interest and passion, and see if you can put your knowledge to work for you.

Try out trading online

Some people wouldn’t take kindly to having online trading viewed as gambling, but at the end of the day you are making a decision on whether something’s value will go down or up, with no certainty that you know what’s going to happen. People who’ve never traded shares before may be nervous about trying their hand at something new, but with so many online trading sites now, you can experiment with very small amounts while you get some practice in. Indeed on many trading sites, you can choose to use simulation mode, where the portfolio that you have is only dealing virtual money, so there’s no financial risk at all. You can trade in multiple different markets, from commodities to foreign exchange. It may be something that grabs you, or you may decide it’s not for you. Either way, when you can experiment without real money, where’s the reason to hesitate?

Overall, always remember the single most important rule – never place a bet or gamble with money that you can’t accept living without as wins aren’t guaranteed. But you can always make it fun.

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