How To Keep Your Office Secure At Night

If you’re a business owner, you can understand the importance of keeping your offices secure more than anyone else. Business premises of all kinds, regardless of size and type need to be kept as secure as possible to ensure the assets and equipment within them are protected. Offices can often contain a wide range of valuable pieces of equipment, paperwork, and cash. Having a functioning security policy protects the contents of your building from theft and damage and can even go as far as minimizing your insurance premium.

However, the guidelines for how you should secure your business may vary from business to business. For instance, if you are running a retail store, then you may employ security techniques like an alarm system, intricate front and back door locks, window alarms, maybe bulletproof windows and a storefront (explore websites like for more info), CCTV cameras, etc. Similarly, a company’s office premises will require other methods of security from intruders and active threats. So, the following tips should go a long way in securing buildings on the whole.

Industrial Doors

Industrial doors can come in the form of roller shutters, fire shutters and steel doors. These are great for securing your goods and are ideal for a wide range of business, from retail shops to warehouses and everything in between. If you’re looking for industrial doors in Essex and Suffolk, GT Industrial Doors are one of the best companies on the market in offering competitively prices security solutions.

Specific types of Locks

There are different types of locks available for keeping valuable objects safe in an office. Padlocks, for example, can help protect cabinets, drawers, and other containers containing sensitive items. Doors and entryways can be secured with deadbolts. Similarly, keyless locks seem necessary for controlling access to certain areas. Installation of kiosk locks can help safeguard digital signage. Since these locks provide an extra layer of security, they can help prevent theft in an office.

Alarm Systems

Alarm systems should be one of the most important things to consider installing to enhance your security levels as it acts a significant deterrent to thieves. They can transmit emergency signals through mobile phone connection, landline or the internet. This feeds to a monitoring station which dispatches police to the location if necessary. Some more advanced systems have a two-way voice intercom system which would mean you could instantly be updated should the alarm be activated. This also reduces the response time from police, meaning any issues are dealt with quickly and easily. So, it would definitely be worth it if you check this out.

Use A Safe

One of the most basic ways to keep your business secure is through the use of a safe. Eurograde is a Europe wide security standard that ensures safes comply with security standards and keep your contents burglar safe.

Locked Cabinets

The loss or damage of important documents can be highly detrimental to your business so be sure to keep any private and important information locked up I drawers or cabinets. Creating back-up copies on a hard drive can also work wonders in protecting your business from any potential damage that could occur.

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