Why are Nissans so common?

Nissan has been at the forefront of engineering innovation for more than eighty years- they have revolutionised the car scene, has provided a host of affordable vehicles and became a lot of first cars for those new drivers- but what makes them so popular and successful? Take one of their models for example, since the Nissan LEAF launched in 2010, Nissan has seen a rough estimate of around 142,000 global sales and is now officially the world’s best-selling electric vehicle. But their popularity goes far beyond electric vehicles – since making their generic Mirca’s provided a large number of new drivers with their first car. They have now made a break through with their technology- developing things such as Safety Shield technologies- a series of advanced features that make drivers aware of potential dangers like never before, also the company’s ground-breaking NISMO division is now bringing race-track performance and advanced car technology to the street.

Innovation is key

It is this engineering innovation that makes Nissan so common with their drivers, Nissan have being dealing with EV since 1947 and have always been producing new foundations in regards to the car scene and seventy years on, Nissan remains at the forefront of innovation making them a popular choice for those drivers out there because not only do they show off with their technology and gadgets, they are also cheap to buy and run making these cars a popular choice with the public. It will come as no surprise to anyone who’s familiar with the company’s history that ever since this organisation was established in 1928 by the genius Yoshisuke Aikawa, new ideas and fresh thinking has been the key ingredient towards this company’s success and popularity. Guillaume Masurel, who is the Marketing Director at Nissan motor GB, states that Nissan ‘has always tried to do things a bit differently and in a more challenging way to bring new solutions to its customers’ it seems they have a good idea on ways to keep their ideas fresh and have a ‘knack’ of pleasing there customers time and time again.

One of the company’s major goals is a world with virtually no traffic accidents leading to death or serious injury and this is usually the biggest concern for all those drivers out there. This is an ideal that had driven its impressive work on vehicular safety features which is again proves to be another popular trait for their customers. Nissan take safety as a main priority and developed their first experimental safety vehicle in 1971 and has since won huge acclaim for its safety and its support for potential hazards on the roads.

The thing is, who knows what they have instore next, with technology advancing and becoming more attainable it will be interesting to see what they manage to develop next, and these are the reasons why Nissan has become so common with the public and if you are without a car, I think it’s time to head down the Glyn Hopkin Nissan Dealership and see what all the fuss is about.

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