How to renovate your kitchen on a tight budget

Every now and then in life things just need a little shake up, whether it’s something simple like a haircut or big like a new kitchen. But our budget doesn’t always agree with our grandiose visions, so today we’re giving you the guide on how to renovate your kitchen while sticking to a tight budget.

Keep The Core

Well this might sound counter intuitive for a guide on renovating a kitchen, but if all your appliances (cookers, fridge etc) are still in good condition and working keep them in your kitchen. There is no point throwing out a decent oven just to spend hundreds on a new one, it’s thinking like this that will keep your budget in balance. Obviously, if you have the budget to accommodate a new appliance or you have one that needs replacing you should get one, but if your appliances are still working, why fix what isn’t broken? Similarly, if you have an appliance like an oven that has a small issue with its hob but is otherwise in good working order, it’ll be cheaper and better for the environment to get it repaired by a professional cooktop repair service than to throw out a whole oven that has hardly anything wrong with it.

So we say keep your appliances, save money on that to spend elsewhere & all you really need to do is give them a clean and maybe a fresh new paintjob to match your new kitchen!

A Lick Of Paint Solves A Lot

Does your kitchen look small? Got cooking related stains on the walls? Just don’t like what colour your kitchen is?

A quick lick of paint in your kitchen will cover many flaws, if you want your room to look bigger go for a lighter colour and maybe a contrast on a feature wall. Also when you’re getting your pain look out for kitchen specific paints that wont get stained from oil or steam, this will mean you can put off the next round of paint for a few years with more resistant paint, saving you money down the line.

Get A New Feature

When you’re doing your kitchen you’re going to need something to stand out and bring in the focus of the room. Of course this doesn’t have to be done expensively!

There are many different ways you can add a feature to your room on the cheap, like maybe a canvas poster by your dinner table, a plastic splashback on your oven from Simply Plastics or maybe a fancy lamp in the corner to bring intrigue and light up your kitchen.

Just A Bit More Paint

Once you have sorted everything else on the list, you have one thing left to do, bring the cupboards etc in line with your kitchen’s new design to get the whole room looking uniform and brand new.

Obviously you could just buy new cupboards and drawers but then that would defeat the point of being under a tight budget, so I say rather than get new cupboards and drawers use leftover paint from painting the kitchen and paint your drawers and cupboards to bring everything into a uniform colour.

In Conclusion

Okay after all this work you can have a brand new looking kitchen for less than 100! It sounds crazy I know but follow this guide and throw in a few personal touches and it can be done.

Everyone has the right to have a nice looking kitchen and today you just learned how to get yourself set up with your own wonderful kitchen to last years to come!

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