Paddy Power Bingo: Ten party ideas for your Hen or Stag Do

There isn’t a set formula for an epic Stag Do or Hen Party, purely because there are so many great ideas to choose from, not just a night out at your local pub or nightclub. From bingo, to toilet paper, to knickers, well give five ideas each on what you can do for your upcoming Stag or Hen Do.

Ladies first, gents if you just want to read the ideas that apply to you, click here. [Bookmark Link to Right, time for the boys…]

Bridal Bingo Boards

The game is simple and straight forward, a classic yet so much fun. There are plenty of stunning template available online, as well as customisable grids which can be based on just about anything, from the history of the couple, words said in speeches, presents at the bridal party, the list is endless. Once you’ve picked your theme and contents for the grid, simply print bingo boards, start playing and wait for the inevitable, BINGO!

Cads About Matrimony

A fantastic mock-up of the Cards Against Humanity series, this pack pokes fun and makes a mockery of the one of civilisations most sacred institutions. Based on the same basic matching concept of the famous card game it is simple to play. One player reads a question out loud. The other payers each submit an answer card, the best answer wins.

The Wordless Wedding

A super fun game that can last throughout the whole Hen Party. As your guests arrive, had them each a plastic ring explaining that no one at the party can say a specific word (or words if you want to make it really difficult). The word(s) can be anything you want such as the name of the venue, the groom’s name or the word “wedding” itself. If anyone is caught saying the forbidden words they must remove their ring and hand it over to the person who caught them out. The guest with the most rings on their fingers is the winner.

The Recipe for a perfect marriage

A sweet and sentimental game that will definitely result in a blushing bride.

You’ll need a wooden spoon and permanent marker for each guest. Ask each of them to write down their best wedding advice for the bride and groom. The guests shouldn’t sign it as it should be anonymous. Collect all of the spoons once all of the guest have completed their task and give them to the bride to read aloud. Have fun listening to vast collection of knowledge, thoughts and wedding wisdom.

Once every spoon has been read aloud, the bride must choose and favourite and award the author a gift.

These spoons could make a great present so grab the spoon and frame them as a sentimental wedding gift.

TP Haute Couture

Every girl has thought, at least once, about designing their own wedding dress. This hilarious game gives your guests the chance to be their very own Vera Wang and design their dream bridal gown. All you’ll need is a stop watch, sticky tape, scissors and a lot of toilet paper.

You can play this game in two ways, either each guest designs their own TP wedding dress or, the preferable method, break up into equal teams (if possible) and design a team wedding dress. Each team will (or person) will have 15 minutes to let madness ensue to try and create a wedding dress. Once time is us, walk your very own catwalk and let the bride crown the winner. Bonus point to those with a garter, veil and bouquet.

Right, time for the boys. Planning an epic stag do is one of the most important responsibilities a best man has, nine times out of ten it will involve some alcohol but once you’ve picked your destination and picked a bunch of activities, you might want to start thinking about some games that will keep everyone entertained. Consider choosing games where the person losing the round has to drink. That way the games can become even more fun when everyone starts getting a little tipsy. That said, make sure to prepare hangover kits for all the boys so that they can use them to prevent headaches and lethargy the following day. Look for ideas that can help you make the best hangover kits. One way to do that could be by reading up on online articles that can provide a preparation guide for such kits.

Toy Soldiers

At the start of the stag do, each stag is given a toy soldier which they must keep hold of throughout the evening. For the duration of the evening, whenever the best man shouts “ASSUME THE POSITION!” all stags have to get into the same position as their toy soldier. The last man to get into position will face a forfeit.

Stag Bingo

Similar to the Hen version and it requires a little forward planning.

Print off some empty bingo cards for the whole group and add a range of scenes, scenarios and sightings that you are likely to see on your stag do, be as creative as you like. For example, a blue pub, a six foot seven bouncer etc. Whoever is the most switched on and checks off all of the sightings shouts “BINGO!” and is the winner. The winner gets their drinks paid for for the rest of the night.

Boat Race

For those who like a drink when they’re at a party. Separate your guests into two groups, each person is given a pint of beer and asked to stand behind each other, in order to make up two straight lines. The first person in each team will drink their beer followed by the second and so on. The second person cannot start their pint until the first person has finished theirs. Whichever team finishes first is the winner!


The Game of Life

Almost exactly the same as the bridal game “Wordless Wedding” the premise of the game is that you decide on a word (or a series of words) that cannot be said throughout the stag do, even better if it’s a weekend.

For example, if you choose to ban the word “pint”, if one of the stags says that word then they have to do a forfeit. The forfeit needs to be a suitable punishment, it will most likely be drinks based.


Oooh get the red frilly ones out. The rules of knickers is simple. Each stag holds a coin and when the best man says “knickers” everyone opens there hand to reveal whether it is heads or tails. You count how many heads and tails there are and the players with players with the highest number of corresponding faces are safe. You keep going until there is only one player left, that person being the loser. The forfeit is that the loser must wear a set of women’s knickers over his trousers until the next bar where you will play the game again.


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