New legal practices around job automation and the digital economy

Despite the image of law as a fairly traditional field of work the nature of its purpose means it has to constantly evolve to keep up with changes in other fields from technology to online advertising. Job automation offers an interesting dilemma as businesses will have to reorganise and this could have macro-economic and legal implementations in the near future.

Finding good corporate legal advice from an experienced lawyer, possibly from a firm similar to Hallmark Solicitors ( tends to be essential if you are to avoid your business making costly legal mistakes down the line. Keep reading to discover some of the ways your businesses legal department could be affected by the changing digital economy.

Job Automation and Legal Implications for Your Business

Legal advice is not a field that is immune from job automation and indeed many traditionally ‘white collar’ jobs are being increasingly threatened by different forms of software.

Many of the ground work tasks performed at law firms is being made accessible to different businesses through software and online tools taking away some of the complexity of legal research.

This automation may sound promising for your business but if you wish to implement it is always best to seek expert legal advice to avoid any blunders.

Advertising Your Business Online

While digital advertising is a new development in marketing, older legislation still affects your business. For example the consumer protection act still restricts the types of claims you can make through paid search and content marketing.

Finding legal advice in this area is paramount if you are to advertise your online business safely and legally.

The Digital Economy Act 2017 

This act received royal in 2017 but the majority of the provisions in it never actually passed into law. Despite this it acts as a good indicator of the issues that we may see for online businesses.

Provisions ranged from providing compensation if online services were not up to required or agreed standard. Concerns have been ranged over the amount of private user data that would need to be collected to enforce many of the legal provisions.

Copyright law has also been constantly revised to deal with the surge in online companies. Looking over this advice it is clear that businesses will need good legal advice if they are looking to expand their online operations.

Find Expert Legal Advice for your online business

As shown the digital economy is constantly evolving and so is the law around it. Whilst it is good to have a good legal understanding of your practices in house inevitably you will come across issues that require more legal expertise. Visit the legal experts at Halebury today for high quality legal advice and consulting.