No Property Listings, No Long Meetings, No Hassle! – Why Cash Buyers could be Beneficial when Selling your Property Fast

Selling a property, whether it is your first home, an investment opportunity, or an old run-down property that you haven’t managed to get rid of just yet, can take a long time, particularly if you’re not quite sure how to properly market the property. It may have been on the market for a while with no interest, in which case all you are doing is losing money putting it up on the market. So what can you do to ensure a faster sale?
Have you ever considered going to a cash buyer like those at While the traditional idea of selling a property is to sell to someone looking to apply for a loan, or getting a mortgage in order to pay off the cost of the house, cash buyers are increasingly popular for ensuring a swift and easy process that guarantees money in your pocket in little to no time at all. So what are the potential benefits of using a cash buyer to sell your property? We will outline them here.

Fast, Quick Sells and No Long Forms to Fill Out
While selling a property will require a number of documents drawn up, including a change of ownership, a formal survey, property information and more, selling your home to a cash buyer helps to speed up most, if not all of these processes. Cash buyers are able to sign any paperwork needed almost instantly in comparison to buyers who have to obtain a loan or a mortgage offer. As they have to go through the entire process of obtaining the loan, the wait time will be longer whereas a cash-basis sale can be closed in as little as a fortnight. This could be similar to the companies like Crawford Home Buyers that can offer you the best deal for your home. Additionally, it may allow you to avoid long-term delays, such as waiting for buyers to contact you when you list your property on a website.

Cash buyers can also be more stable when it comes to an assured investment. Interested buyers may go through all the processes, only to have complications occur with the mortgage or with a property along the chain, which can be frustrating and time consuming for the seller. If you spend weeks and weeks getting all the paperwork ready, only to have the sale fall through at the last hurdle, that can get irritating. Cash buyers in comparison, are offering cash up front and thus have the money ready and waiting for you to sign on the dotted line. There is very little doubt left between the price agreement and the final sale, making fast, smooth sales more likely with cash buyers.

Honest Valuations
When valuing any sort of property, some sellers tend to worry that they are not getting their full money’s worth. You may put a property on the market, only to have a potential buyer make an offer on the house that is a fair percentage under what you had hoped to sell the property for. However, you might have no other potential buyers, where you are forced to sell at the discounted rate.

With cash buyers and with selling your home to a cash buyer a professional valuation is often provided, therefore allowing you to get an accurate market value for your property. You will get your fair share of the property without worrying whether or not you might have gotten a better price from another buyer.

Good Stepping Stone Forward
Whether you are planning on buying your next home, or you initially bought this property as an investment opportunity and would like to invest the profit in something else, cash buyers provide instant advantages. With buyers who have to apply for a loan, there is a slight delay in the time it takes in getting the loan approved and getting your fee, whereas, with cash buyers, there is no delay. The money is in your account from the get go and you are free to do with it as you will.

Hassle Free and Convenient
As many cash-only buyers have experience in the process of buying property, they will have all the necessary qualifications needed in order to close the sale as fast as possible. This allows many sellers to bypass a number of processes that can be stressful when normally selling a house. Some buyers may even discuss with you and organise a suitable time and date for you to move out of the current property, meaning you can move ahead with things at your own pace.

This level of convenience makes it far easier and less stressful for you when you do decide to move. While moving house can be a stressful process in and of itself, it makes things a little easier in that you have the time to properly arrange and organise yourself. As an alternative, you can hire a moving company (if interested, check out for packing and moving your belongings to your new home. Everything that makes moving or selling a house less stressful is welcome!

Of course, it is important that you do shop around and don’t just leap into the arms of the first cash buyer who expresses an interest in your property. You will want to compare them with each other before making a final decision and don’t be afraid to pose questions to the buyer if there is anything you are unsure about. Essentially, it is still your home until you have finalised the sale, so you have every right to ask questions in order to ensure the safety and security of your transaction!

Article provided by Mike James, an independent content writer in the property industry – working with a selection of companies including Wales-based property purchasing specialists Barry Homebuyers, who were consulted over the information contained in this piece.

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