Perfecting Your Death-Roll

I suppose because of the fact that I usually discuss some technical issues which require logic to make sense of, it would be pertinent for me to explicitly point out that the title of this particular post is indeed a metaphor. You are a crocodile and the death-roll is your specialty and you need to stop every once in a while and work on perfecting your death-roll.

So I guess we all know what a crocodile does to its prey – it gets you into the water after snapping you in between its very powerful jaws, then it rolls you over and over in a bid to inflict some flesh-and-bone severing damage as well as maybe drown you in the process!

The point is you wouldn’t find a crocodile trying to chase down a springbuck for example, because it knows its strengths. So why are you taking your fight to an arena in which you don’t really belong, be it in your personal life, your finances, your career, etc?

Sure, you’re probably not fighting your battles in an arena you don’t really belong as a result of your own choosing, but are you working to move towards one in which you’ll be the king? If not, why not?

We all have certain strengths which are unique to us and chances are you’re wasting them in the various areas of your life which require you to apply yourself in some or other way. Between the demands of your family life and your professional life, whether you’re running your own business or indeed if you’re employed by someone, there’s likely very little time to set aside for any form of personal development in line with your strengths.

Consequently you’ll have to start in the small, perhaps even endorsing something like the work of a Numerologist to set you the on course to showing the universe that you’re at least trying to align your purpose with what it has given you in talents, unique traits and specialties.

Do not let your job or anything else for that matter stop you from sharing your unique gift with the world! Be like the crocodile who knows to take the fight into the water where the devastating death-roll is waiting.

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