Coworking In London – How To Network Like A Boss In Your Coworking Space


London’s coworking scene has grown to include almost 150 spaces that offer professionals a range of opportunities. These multi-functional spaces are definitely cost-effective, but they also provide businesses with a number of benefits. With establishing community as a mission, the coworking space can be the place to find mentors and build relationships.

In fact, networking potential is one of the coworking community’s greatest assets. However, networking is like any other skill in that it has to be honed. Fortunately, coworking in London can provide professionals, including yourself, with the mettle to brave through any networking event.

Continue reading to learn how to use coworking spaces to network like a boss.

Start With Small Talk 

For those who might be intimidated by large crowds, getting comfortable with others can begin in your coworking space. Because the office design is to encourage individual participation, you can start a conversation right in your workspace. Of course, starting out with discussions related to work is great, but at some point, when you feel comfortable, throw a little bit about yourself in the conversation.

Small talk is the easiest way to get to know people who work in the area. Also, these chatting sessions can get you used to talking to people about yourself and your work. The whole point is to become comfortable with engaging in chatter with others, so when you do attend formal networking events, you are not as intimidated when you are in a crowd.

Get To Know The Community 

Most coworking spaces foster a community that supports professionals. More importantly, these coworking spaces host events that help professionals network in a nurturing environment. Whether attending a conference or a small gathering, use these events as opportunities to get used to mingling in groups.

Moreover, these events give you the chance to connect with community members in the space itself. Each time you connect with someone is the opportunity for you to exchange information and even from other connections. In no time, you will find that you can command the room and confidently hold conversations with just about anyone.

Go With Purpose 

Once you are feeling a little bit plucky, focus your discussions on a particular point. Yes, networking is socialising, but networking is also business, and while you will inject a lot of your personal self into the conversation, you also are trying to take care of business, as well. While your whole time at the event does not have to be focused on this particular purpose, go into the event with a goal and a couple of objectives in mind.

When the event is over, review to see if you accomplished some of these objectives. Not to be stuffy, you can still enjoy yourself, but a networking event is organised so you can meet people and place your business on a platform. If your goal in the next networking event is to have at least three meaning conversations with people from varying industries, establish objectives to accomplish this goal.

Avoid Blunders 

The whole point of networking is that public relational aspect that gets the public comfortable with you. When networking, avoid some of the biggest blunders like gossiping and mean-spirited conversation, talking too much about yourself, asking for favours too soon, and not going into the conversation prepared. For the most part, your networking prowess is not just about idly chatting about any given topic. Instead, its import lies in the relationships that are built as a result of connecting with other professionals.

Presenting Yourself To The Business World 

You too can work a room like a CEO on the prowl for the next greatest deal. With the coworking space, you are provided with a variety of opportunities for you to make long-lasting relationships that can lead to collaboration and partnership. However, many of these solid relationships begin with small conversations that we call networking.

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