New driving laws that have been added this year (2018)

Since the beginning of 2018, we have seen many changes in the laws of driving as well as many new additions of laws to keep us on our toes. Many of us don’t actually know about these as we don’t generally get notified when something changes or gets added. To help clear things up here is a list of the law changes that have come into effect in 2018.

  1. MOT Changes

The change in the way the MOT is set up is the biggest change to happen in 2018. The new system puts your vehicle into a category of one of the following: Major, Dangerous and Minor. If your vehicle falls under the category of major or dangerous, you will immediately fail your MOT test. It is also much easier to fail than before.

  1. Learners on the Motorway

Learner drivers will now be allowed to have lessons on the motorway if they are in a dual controlled vehicle with a qualified driving instructor. This means that learners will now be able to pass their test with more confidence to use the motorways.

  1. Smart Motorways

Many people have already been fined for using lanes that are closed or for speeding when the motorway speed has been reduced in areas. These smart motorways indicate changes for the rulkes of the roads by showing new speeds or a red X above the lane it is affecting.

As well as those three things there are many small rules and laws (such as driving to close to a cyclist) that have been added in order to make our roads a safer place.

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