The New Costs of Honouring the Deceased

The winds of change have just about swept all the way through the entire industry which exists around burying the deceased, including the insurance industry which caters specifically to this sector. Those financial services providers who offer funeral cover in the many different varieties it comes now have to make provision for the new costs of honouring the deceased, which it must be said are slightly lower than the traditional manner through which we used to hold funerals.

So let’s break them down, shall we?

Even if you were going to have your deceased loved one cremated instead of putting them in the ground in somewhat of what is an increasingly archaic manner, you’d probably still need to get a coffin, but it doesn’t have to be one of the fanciest and most expensive coffins. The fact that you’re paying for a much, much cheaper coffin doesn’t mean that you value the honour of your deceased loved one any less. If anything it means you value it that much more, because you’re not wasting money on an expensive box which is only going to go into the ground.

Instead, you’d probably be looking to redirect the money you would have spent on an expensive coffin to facilitate a little bit more of a permanent transformation of their body into something that’s much more personal. Instead of having to go to the spot at which they’d be buried, marked by their headstone, you’d rather enjoy the privilege of literally carrying them everywhere you go with you should you choose to do so.

This service provider has many options in that regard, with their wide and impressive range of diamonds synthesised from the ashes of a loved one you would have had cremated.

We’re moving beyond the clichés which are disguised as traditions, such as scattering the ashes in the sea, usually as per the living request of the deceased, making it that much more of a personal process sending them off into the next world, the results of which are something tangible. We can connect with them both spiritually and physically.

With the diamond synthesised from their cremation ashes you literally have your passed-on loved one right there with you or wherever it is you choose to put or carry the jewel(s).

Getting back to the costs; depending on the design style and the size of the diamond, as well as the number of diamonds you’d wish to have made out of their ashes, you can expect to pay anything from £515 to around just under £11,000. Most funeral cover insurers have come fully on board with the new way of honouring the deceased in this way, so the cost of cremation diamonds can be a lot more affordable than what you might initially think.

As far as all the other associated logistics go, it’s probably just more of the same. If you wanted to hold a traditional memorial service (the part where the friends and family say a few words) then those costs still pretty much remain the same.