Plucking Money Hidden in Plain View

With such a heavy emphasis put on going through the schooling system and then going on to get a formal academic qualification so that we can enter the economic market with the necessary skills to get involved professionally, it’s no wonder that a lot of opportunities to make money are indeed hidden in plain view. We’re taught to think and operate in a certain way, with any slight deviations from that certain way viewed to be quite radical.

We don’t even have to go far with it; think of a mere entrepreneur who decided that they simply don’t want to work an eight to four job for the next 45 years of their life after graduating from college. The likelihood is that all your friends and family, perhaps even your parents as well, went through the conventional, certain way and so your foray into taking a different path is totally unheard of in all of their individual worlds and in the world which they collectively share with you.

Of course the irony of it all is that the so-called “certain way” has since been flipped on its head, with a book bearing that exact title written by Remez Sasson taking a different view on exactly what the “certain way” is – a manner in which to create wealth.

Back to the “certain way” as it exists among conventionalists however, this way of thinking limits one’s abilities to simply take a look around them and spot some opportunities which are hidden in plain sight. Someone whose rigid life is governed by the ideals of conventionalism might not be able to even understand in the slightest bit why someone else might be paying very close attention to some Cheltenham 2018 Tips: Studying the Schedule very closely with a view of taking advantage of what are indeed some unusually high odds of winning at a horseracing event. The very thought of something like this goes against everything that’s been drilled into the conventionalist’s head through years of being made to study a certain way – through years of being made to learn how to memorise information and recall that information in an environment where its application is required.

That’s why you may find a qualified statistician totally dismissing betting on such events, citing very low odds of winning, unable to factor in considerations such as the fact that other dynamics come into play and therefore alter the odds quite considerably, like how each horse has been performing recently, for example.

The ability to just sit down and take a deeper look at what’s going on around you, with the view of identifying some opportunities to generate some good money for yourself, shouldn’t just be limited to its development in the betting world. It can be developed in all areas of your life, but the betting example makes for a strong case in point because it’s something which pretty much everybody can at least relate to in some or other way.

If you take the time to study how some of the things around you work, you can quite easily pluck some good money hidden in plain view.

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