Who Buys Houses for Cash

There are a lot of benefits when it comes to selling a house to a cash buyer. One huge factor out of the processing path is not having a mortgage to fund the transaction. This ultimately means that there are no stopovers like appraisals and inspections that commonly slows down the processing time to further close the deal. To put it simply, cash home buyers mean selling your house fast.

However, when it comes to cash buyers, it also means to be aware of the buyer’s intention regarding buying your humble abode. It is a golden rule for a seller to always make sure to not settle on the first cash buyer that comes to their doorstep after putting their sale on the market. This way, it would be beneficial to both parties and prevent regrets of negotiation and deal.

Furthermore, working with a Real Estate Closing Attorney can ensure that all legal aspects of the transaction are handled appropriately. They can provide valuable guidance to both the seller and the cash buyer, ensuring that the sale process is transparent, legally sound, and in compliance with all applicable regulations.

That said, keep in mind that one of the many elements to consider is, who buys houses for cash? If you belong to the population who has a similar question, here is some information about the people behind the idea.

  1. Flippers

As believed, cash home buyers are different from your quintessential home buyers. And, there are different kinds of cash home buyers as well! One of them is what you call flippers; these cash house buyers are the people who buy a home with the intention of renovating it (so that you do not have to) or flip it into something more profitable. Flippers usually are not the picky buyers ā€“ in fact, they buy houses in any condition since the intention is just to flip it anyway.

Flippers often seek out houses in poor condition because they can acquire them at a lower cost compared to properties on the market. They frequently collaborate with local contractors in the vicinity, often found through online searches for phrases like “roofing companies near me“, to undertake necessary repairs. After these homes are refurbished, flippers aim to sell them at a higher price, covering their renovation costs and generating additional profits. This approach allows them to maximize returns on their investment in the real estate market.

  1. iBuyer

Similar to flippers, iBuyers or Instant Buyers are a bit of the upgraded type of the category. iBuyers purchase homes that are in fairly good condition and upgrade them quickly with the intention of selling it on an easier platform in different virtual platforms. The difference of an iBuyer and a Flipper varies on the houses they choose to buy; as mentioned a while ago, flippers buy a lot of houses in any condition while on the contrary, an iBuyer buys houses that tries the bare minimum ā€“ or more than that.

  1. Renters

Investors flock around housing and real estate markets basically with the same purpose under their sleeves, to buy a house and turn it into profit. Renters are usually investors that buy houses in bulk or in singles to renovate it in the future and put it in the market with a higher price (depending on how big the renovation costs are shelled out).

Most of these are then turned into apartments or a small house compound that are soon rented out to somehow get back the closing and renovation costs.

  1. House Hosts

Much synonymous to Airbnb, though quite rare, some cash home buyers buy houses so that they can be house hosts for clients or customers that want to book the house for a simple getaway or when they’re out of town. This is actually a modern and good way to invest on a property since a lot of bookers are coming to the light ā€“ especially now that the pandemic has a very strict travel protocol that (somehow) enables tourists to visit a town (provided that the appropriate infection control and quarantine protocols are done).


Overall, cash home buyers are most of the time a pretty good deal, if and only if, as a seller, you would know why they’re buying a house in the first place. This creates transparency towards both buyer and seller and enables you to establish rapport as well.