How to Invest in Jewellery and Diamonds in 2021

When it comes to the question of investments, diamonds and jewelry will always be at the top rank answers. This is actually one of the many life lessons the past year 2020 had initially taught many of us worldwide – where to invest your money and how?


Given that 2020 has been financially challenging, as per decreasing employment rate, sales, and marketing, investing in something with high value and high demand can be the best go-to choice. This is why many have started to invest this year in diamonds, gold, stones, and the likes. If you are one of the people who wants to start his or her own investment, here are some details on how to invest in jewelry and diamonds.


Select an Aged Diamond

When it comes to investments, selecting the right option is a must. Investments in the real world can be synonymous to a gamble – one wrong move and it can be a waste of money. In investing in diamonds and stones, going for diamonds that can be held for years and generations are highly recommended. These generation diamonds, the mere fact that it is an aged diamond, possesses such high value and can quadruple its original purchase price. That is especially true for engagement rings.


One of the most famous aged diamonds in the world is the Argyle Violet found in the Argyle Mine in Australia. This diamond, polished into 2.83 carat, is one of the few gems that are produced over the last 32 years. Apart from its age, coloured diamonds are also the rarest of them all – therefore, adding much value.


Know the Clarity of Your Diamond

Besides from taking Diamond Studies 101, every investor must know the Diamond Clarity Scale in order to fully be aware of what the diamond’s true worth. In the Clarity Scale, there are 6 categories and a total of 11 specific grades.


The high graded diamond out of all is called Flawless. From the name itself, this graded diamond has no inclusions and no blemishes visible under 10x magnification. Now, this type of diamonds are usually the ones who bear the greatest value over time due to its no inclusions with no blemishes factor – making it one of a kind. Other runner ups for good diamond investments are Internally Flawless (IF), Very, Very Slightly Included (VVS), and Very Slightly Included (VSI).


One of the many examples of importance in clarity is Sotheby’s Flawless 8.41 carat Pink Diamond that was sold for $17.7 Million, higher than the top estimate of $15.5 Million. The sale makes the diamond one of the most luxurious and expensive diamonds per-carat ever sold. What added even more to its value is its Pink persona that is stated by Sotheby as natural and “internally flawless that is virtually unseen.”


Go for Colours

As stated above, coloured diamonds play a big role in terms of value and are a good investment to begin with due to it being ultimately rare. Non-white diamonds are typically called, fancy coloured diamonds and is automatically given a higher price bracket. Much like the previously stated diamonds and stones, the value they have gotten was also heavily based on their colours. This created such a win for the owners when it comes to putting in on auction or just for sale.



You can never go wrong investing on diamonds and jewelry. Apart from being updated in every decade, its demand just keeps on increasing – making it an overall successful purchase. However, purchasing diamonds are still highly dependent as to one’s knowledge of stones and its characteristics. After all, diamonds are lifetime partners and they deserve to be known and handled with care.